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Laboratory of Nanophotonics & Semiconductors Research 

Dept. of Physics, Amrita School of Arts and Sciences

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Amritapuri Campus

Research Areas

Plasmonics for biosensors and telecommunication applications

The materials being explored include:

  • Hybrid structures of metals and 2D materials (e.g., MoS2 & graphene, graphene oxide) for biosensing applications

  • Metal oxides (like ITO, AZO etc.) based structures for NIR applications

Plasmonics for biosensors

Metal oxide based heterojunction solar cells 

Metal oxide solar cell

Optical manipulation strategies for concentrated solar cells  

This work is being carried out under the DST funded project LITECON (“Light Manipulation System using Micro-Optical Concepts"). We are exploring novel optical approaches for enhancing the performance of microconcentrator solar cells. 

microconcentrator solar cell

  Novel photobioreactor system for enhanced microalgae productivity 

We are developing theoretical models for the optimized growth of microalgae using varying light parameters to create novel designs of light-optimized photobioreactor systems for bioenergy applications. 

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