Sanjay K Ram

Experimental Condensed Matter Physicist

Associate Professor in Dept. of Physics, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham


My work as an experimental condensed matter physicist centers on the intersection of semiconductor physics, materials science and nanotechnology. My research addresses the questions concerning how fabrication conditions of semiconductor materials correlate to microstructural and optoelectronic properties at the nano- and microscale and how this knowledge can improve the performance of devices. In recent times, my research has focused more on the correlation between material properties and light-matter interactions at the nanoscale for applications in biosensors, large area electronics and bioenergy. 

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Research interests:

  • Semiconductor thin films and devices

  • Thin film silicon solar cells

  • Plasmonics based sensors (NIR and VIS)

  • All-oxide thin film heterojunction solar cells

  • Manipulation of light in solar cells using spectrum upconversion, plasmonics, and nanophotonics

  • Light manipulation for enhanced productivity in algal cultivation photobioreactors